Our Commitment

A young company with professionals with 26 years of experience in Maritime Navigation, Port Operations, Cargo Security, Extrajudicial and Brazilian Court of Justice Experts, Inspections and Naval Audit in a new concept of organizational structure for more mobility in service rendering for a better cost and benefit relationship to attend our clients expectations in all Brazilian ports.

Our mission: Generate values ​​to our clients, partners and society acting in the Maritime, Port and Engineering areas with sustainability and Brazilian Legislation.
Our vision: To be global reference in our business to have due market success.
Values: Ethics, Transparency in the provision of maritime services, ports, reports and technical certification obtaining the client reference.                                                    Safety: Extreme responsibility to lives, family professionals and everyone involved acting around the working area.                                                                                        Excellence: Simplicity and commitment in delivery of our services for better reference of our clients.

Our services

Client testimonials

"I would like to begin by thanking and appreciating the commitment and excellent work that the professional Alexandre Sperandeo carried out here at the EAS shipyard for the shipment of our steel sheets. The work was done on time, quality and safety expected, we had the help of the entire team of the EAS and subcontractors, but I want to register in particular his own performance. "

EAS Intl - Boarding Director